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One Of The Best Dental Clinics in Bangalore

Welcome to Spandana Hospitals, Bangalore’s premier dental institution. We have been providing comprehensive and state-of-the-art dental care services in Bangalore for years, making sure our patients receive the best possible treatment while feeling comfortable and relaxed in our pleasant environment.

Our team of experienced dentists provides a wide variety of treatments to meet all your dental needs – from preventive care and general dentistry to complex restorations and cosmetic procedures. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering excellent results with a compassionate, personal touch that you can trust.

Dr. Anusha

Consultant Dentist

Covering All Types of Dental Treatments

Below are the different types of Dental care services we provide in Bangalore. Check it out:

  1. Preventive Dental Care

Spandana Hospitals offer preventive dental care services to help keep teeth and gums healthy and strong. We provide professional cleanings, dental exams, and treatments such as sealants to help reach optimal oral health for every individual patient.

  1. Pendulum Skilled Hand Dentistry

Using this advanced approach, Spandana Hospitals are able to provide more precise restorations while drastically reducing the time in which they can be carried out. Through this approach, painless dentistry is possible with minimal disturbances, with almost no injections or drills in some cases.

  1. Digital Smile Design Services

This advanced approach takes a comprehensive look at your mouth and allows us to customize your smile with the use of digital images and mock-ups that are designed based on your facial features, teeth shape, size, color, gum colour, and other elements for the perfect fit for you.

  1. White And Metal Fillings:

At Spandana Hospitals, we utilize advanced materials when it comes to filling cavities so that they hold up better over time resulting in a longer-lasting restoration with less recurrent decay. Our technicians utilize all kinds of fillings, including white composite fillings or metal amalgam fillings, to provide aesthetic-looking results with improved structure and strength as required by our patients’ unique needs.

  1. Digital X-rays & Visualization Equipment:

For all diagnostics procedures carried out at Spandana Hospital, we have specific diagnostic equipment like digital x-rays & visualization devices that allow us to get clear and precise images of what is happening inside a patient’s mouth in order to diagnose better any diseases or oral deformity if present and plan a successful course of treatment accordingly.

Advanced Dental Facilities

At Spandana Hospitals, we utilize the latest technologies available when performing dental surgeries, guaranteeing superior safety and quality always:

– CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) – 3D imaging enables greater accuracy for more complex placement of implants as well as helps diagnose root canals accurately without requiring x-rays every time

– Digital X-Rays – reduce patient exposure to radiation by 90% compared to traditional x-rays and also deliver high-resolution images faster, thereby reducing patient wait time significantly

– CEREC – allows us to fabricate metal-free crowns quickly (20 mins) during a single visit instead of making multiple trips at different times like traditional methods.

Why Spandana Hospitals?

Here at Spandana Hospitals, we aspire it delivers nothing but the best in dental care services in Bangalore, our patients comfortability together with quick results courtesy of the maximal incorporation of modern technology in our practice:

– Patient-Centric Approach: Comfort is key when providing any medical service, so our staff strives to provide a soothing environment coupled with catering to each & every individual patient’s needs according to information gathered through a thorough consultation process involving questions, clarifications or any queries our clients might have regarding procedure beforehand, so they remain informed throughout the entire initiative.

– Expert Resources & Staff: From cutting-edge equipment tailor fit for purpose and standalone areas set aside for specialist intervention cases, special staff employed handle every step proceeding in an efficient manner. Top-tier physician professionals help ensure perfect outcomes.

– Certified Professionals: We have taken due measures to ensure doctors & nursing units possess the necessary certifications, respective practices, and their vast expertise augmented by annual workshops, technical updates, be updated regulatory changes field constantly ensure the utmost safety levels handled client cases.

It doesn’t matter if you need preventive oral health care or you’re looking for cosmetic enhancements — the team here at Spandana Hospitals can help! We look forward to seeing you soon!