Liver and Pancreas Surgery

Obesity and Diabetes are reaching epidemic proportions in India and consequently Fatty Liver disease and its complications are on the rise. Spandana Liver care aims to offer focussed assessment and treatment for all liver related ailments including fatty liver, jaundice, hepatitis, cirrhosis and its complications. Trained at the prestigious Mayo Clinic, Dr Suresh Raghavaiah is a nationally recognised Liver transplant surgeon who is well versed in treating all complications of liver disease. Dr Jeevan has also trained at the famed MSKCC and is well versed in all forms of advanced diagnostic and therapeutic Endoscopic procedures.

Experienced Liver and Pancreas​ Surgeons At Service

If you are looking for the best liver and Pancreas surgery centre in Bangalore, then Spandana Hospitals has to be your choice. We have the experience of assisting many who have been suffering from liver, pancreatic, and bile duct issues. We ensure that the best possible treatment facilities are provided to every single patient that can help them recover quickly.

Our centre is well-equipped with experienced resources, tech-friendly facilities, modern techniques, and a state-of-the-art approach that helps patients to recover from the issues a lot quicker and lead a better life. You can always trust our surgical experience as we have the best unit at service to assist you with all the issues related to the liver, pancreas, and bile duct.

So, if you have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, then you can always consider booking your appointment with us and get the best surgeons on board to help you with effective treatments that can assist you in moving towards a recovery path in no time. We have all that it takes to be the best liver and pancreas surgery clinic, so trust us for all your diagnosis and treatment.

All About Our Liver And Pancreas Surgery

With our pancreas and liver surgery, you get years of experienced surgeons on board with years of expertise in the respective domain. You can always trust us in terms of gastroenterology, diagnostic radiology, surgery, gastrointestinal (GI) oncology, interventional radiology, radiation oncology and all the other prospects related to it.

In fact, if you have been diagnosed with pancreatic, liver, or GI-related tumours, then you can always get the experts at Spandana hospitals at your service. We have the right facilities to assist you with the following:

  1. High-risk Screening for Pancreatic Cancer
  2. Pancreatic Cyst and Surveillance
  3. Neuroendocrine Service
  4. Liver Mass Service
  5. Imaging and Second Opinion

So, we have all the bases covered to help you with a quick recovery from the deadly diseases related to the liver and pancreas. Right from the time of diagnosis to treatment to further prevention, we ensure that you are on the right track, which can assist you in getting rid of the problem in no time. All these aspects reflect how we have become one of the best liver and pancreas surgery centres in Bangalore breathe easy whenever you are diagnosed with any of the above-mentioned problems.

When To Book An Appointment With Our Surgeons?

We at Spandana Hospitals have the best team at service to help you with all kinds of liver and pancreatic cases. But, quick recovery is only possible if it is diagnosed without any delay. To make it more clear to you, below we have specified the circumstances when you must not think twice and consider booking your appointment with our team. Check it out:

  1. Liver damage or Scarring
  2. Hepatitis infections.
  3. Pancreas or biliary tract damage
  4. Drug overdose.
  5. Liver cancer.
  6. Metabolic or Genetic liver disease.
  7. Pancreatitis.
  8. Gallstones.

These are a few of the scenarios when you must not wait and get your appointment fixed with our liver and pancreas surgeons to get started with the treatment. We assess your diagnosis report and proceed ahead with the treatment without any delay. With us, you get the best at service that can help you recover from all the above-mentioned problems at the quickest.

Why Spandana Hospitals

We at Spandana Hospitals work with the prime objective of helping patients with the utmost care. We ensure that all our patients are at their comfort while being treated by our experts. If you are still thinking about the reason why we have to be your choice of the best liver and pancreas surgery clinic in Bangalore, then the below-mentioned pointers can certainly give you clarity. Take a look:

For All Ages: We have the expertise to help sufferers of all ages that, includes children. So, if you are looking for experts who can provide surgical and medical paediatric care in terms of liver and pancreas-related problems, then we have all the bases sorted. We ensure that every single individual is treated in the most efficient way so that they can recover quickly.

Skilled Unit: Another reason that makes us the best in the business is our unit of doctors and nurses. We have an experienced and skilled team at work to help you get back to normal in no time. We ensure that you are in your comfort all through the treatment.

Excellent Facilities: We have the best, and the most advanced medical facilities integrated that help in the process of quick diagnosis and treatment. This certainly plays a key role in helping patients get back to their feet in no time.

So, book your appointment with our liver and pancreas surgeons now and quicken your chances of recovery. Good luck!