Skilled Nephrology Experts On Board

We all know that there are two kidneys in the human body shaped like a bean. These organs are responsible for getting the waste and fluid out of the body. There are many today suffering from different types of kidney-related diseases that can be deadly.

We at Spandana Hospitals have the best Nephrology team and facilities in place to help you with all the treatments to cure kidney-related diseases. Nephrology, a domain of medicine that completely deals with the treatment of all types of kidney diseases.

If you have been diagnosed with any chronic or acute kidney diseases, then you must not hesitate and book your appointment with us. We are one of the best Nephrology centres in Bangalore to help you with quick recovery. Our facilities and treatment options are quite advanced, and we ensure that the patients know all the steps we are taking to help them with their recovery.

So, you can trust our nephrology clinic in Bangalore and avail the best at your service that can assist you in getting back on track without any delay.

Dr. Arun Kumar


Dr. Naveen Kumar

Consultant Nephorologist

Dr. Arun Kumar

Consultant - Nephrologist

Modernized Dialysis Unit

  • To ensure the best outcome for dialysis patients, the centre for dialysis has a multidisciplinary team that includes nurses, social workers and dieticians. The department makes use of innovative technologies to offer the highest quality dialysis care.
  • It is comfortable, accessible, and provides better outcomes. The department is equipped with high-tech volumetric controlled hemodialysis equipment and has highly qualified technical and nursing staff. High quality water is possible with the latest reverse osmosis plant at the dialysis unit.
  • Endotoxin testing is performed at this unit and every dialysis station is equipped with a sophisticated audio/visual system to allow patients to watch a TV program they choose. This helps them feel more at home while on dialysis.

All About Nephrology Treatment With Us

At Spandana Hospital, we have our Nephrology division integrated with the best of amenities that can help in delivering extensive care to patients who have acute and chronic kidney diseases. Being one of the best Nephrology clinics in Bangalore, we ensure that you are benefited from the best treatment facilities to recover from the disease.

We work with the best Nephrologists in the business who have the experience of helping several with successfully recovering right from adults to children. So, you can trust our kidney transplant professionals, urologists, nephrologists, and other medical experts for all kidney-related diseases.

We have our centre designed to assist you with the following:

  1. Chronic kidney disease management
  2. Ultrafiltration
  3. Intensive Care Nephrology
  4. Renal transplantation care
  5. Plasmapheresis
  6. Chronic dialysis management
  7. Renal stone disease management
  8. Hypertension management

These facilities make us the best name in Bangalore when it comes to providing top treatment solutions for all types of kidney-related diseases. You just need to catch the symptom and get your appointment fixed without any delay so that you can get back to your recovery path quickly. If you are thinking about when to book an appointment, then the next segment can certainly assist.

When To Book an Appointment With Our Nephrologist?

You must never delay your appointment whenever you are experiencing any symptom that leads to kidney-related issues. Ignoring the same can make things worse. If you are thinking about when to book an appointment with Spandana Hospitals, then we have it sorted for you. Below are the aspects that you must keep in mind so that you can book your appointment without any delay whatsoever. Check it out:

  1. Frequent swelling
  2. Nausea
  3. Itchiness and dryness in the skin
  4. Unexplained confusion,
  5. Regular headaches
  6. Reduced sense of appetite and taste
  7. Trouble focusing
  8. Memory problems,
  9. Blood pressure issues
  10. Stiffness
  11. Numbness,
  12. Muscle cramps,
  13. Blood in the urine
  14. Weakness
  15. Abnormal weight loss
  16. Reduced urine output

If you are experiencing any of the above-mentioned issues, then you can consider booking your appointment with Spandana Hospitals. You get the best professionals at your service to assist you in recovering from the issues and getting back on the path of recovery.

Why Spandana Hospitals?

If you are still thinking about the reasons to book your appointment with Spandana Hospitals, then we are here to help you with the reasons that can make things clear to you. Below are the pointers that show why we are the best nephrology centre in Bangalore.

  1. With us, you get highly skilled and qualified Nephrologists at your service to help you recover from the problem. We only hire the ones who have the required experience and qualifications to assist you with the right treatment and quick recovery.
  2. Another reason to get your appointment fixed with us is that we have the best facilities that ensure that treatment runs hassle-free and help you with the desired result. Our advanced facilities ensure that you are discharged quickly and back to normal.
  3. Lastly, we ensure that you are assisted with emergency care services during your time of need. Our diagnosis assists us in catching the root of the problem and moving towards the right treatment that can help in the process of recovery.

These are the reasons that make us the best name in the business when it comes to providing Nephrology services. If you are still looking for reliable nephrologists in the business, then book your appointment with us now!