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We all know women’s health is one of the essential aspects of any hospital service. Whether it is about pregnancy-related issues or puberty, menopause, or childbirth, there are several issues that a woman has to deal with. If the issues are not taken care of quickly, things can get worse and eventually make it nightmarish. This is why we at Spandana Hospitals have the best facilities and team available to help you with all the solutions to all the issues you might be having.

Our Obstetricians and Gynaecologists have the required experience and expertise to help you recover from the problems quicker. We understand the kind of issue you are facing and the reason behind the same. We let you know about the reason why you are suffering from the respective issue and then proceed ahead with the treatment that includes therapy, surgery, and others. We ensure that you are back to normal quicker, and it helps you recover from the problem without any hassle.

So, you can trust us and get your appointment fixed without thinking twice. Being the best Obstetrics & Gynaecology centre in Bangalore, we ensure that you are treated with the top diagnostic and treatment facilities. We have our centre well-equipped with the best amenities that assist in the process of delivery and birthing procedures.

Dr.Roopa N K

Consultant obstetrician and Gynecologist

Dr. Manohara


Dr. Shoba

Consultant Gynecologist

All About Obstetrics & Gynaecology Treatment with Us

We at Spandana Hospitals have the right team and resources to help you with obstetrics & gynaecology treatment. We are well-equipped to help you with obstetrics emergencies. You can connect with us anytime around the clock, and our experienced Obstetricians are going to assist you with a solution without any delay.

Being the best obstetrics & gynaecology centre in Bangalore, we ensure that every single patient is benefited from well-equipped labour units. With us, you get all the aspects covered in terms of:

  1. Intrapartum monitor,
  2. Fatal care,
  3. Operational facilities
  4. Emergency care
  5. And more.

So, you get all the aspects covered in our centre itself if you are looking for an obstetrics & gynaecology clinic in Bangalore. Not only this, we are very well supported by a unit of professionals that includes:

  1. Perinatologist,
  2. Cardiologists,
  3. Haematologists,
  4. Neonatologists
  5. Intensive Care Specialists

This shows that we are well equipped with all the facilities to be one of the best obstetrics & gynaecology clinics in Bangalore and help you recover quickly without any hassle.

When Should You Book an Appointment with Our Professionals?

If you delay your appointment with our doctors, then things can get even more problematic. So, it is important that if you feel any problematic signs, get your appointment fixed with us and enhance your chances of quick recovery. To make it clearer, below are the signs that you must not ignore and consider getting your appointment fixed now. Check it out:

  1. Concerns related to the female reproductive system.
  2. Concerns related to the uterus, breasts, ovaries, and vulva.
  3. Any kind of gastrointestinal or urological symptoms.
  4. Menstrual, fertility, pregnancy, or contraception issues
  5. Sexual health concerns,
  6. And more.

These are the signs that you must not ignore in any case, and get your appointment fixed with our doctors without any delay. The earlier you book, the quicker your chance of recovery. If you are still thinking about the reasons to book your appointment with us, then the below segment can help.

Why Spandana Hospitals

Spandana Hospitals has successfully assisted many facing all kinds of issues related to the reproductive system. So, if you think about what makes us the best obstetrics & gynaecology clinics in Bangalore, then the below-mentioned pointers can certainly give you clarity about the same. Check it out:

  1. The first and primary reason to consider us for your obstetrics & gynaecology treatment is that we have the best facilities integrated into our centre. We ensure that the patients are able to recover quicker with our advanced diagnosis and treatment facilities.
  2. The next reason that makes us the best obstetrics & gynaecology centres in Bangalore is our experience unit. We have the best medical staff in service, right from doctors to nurses. We ensure that all the bases are covered to help one get all the issues resolved without any hassle.
  3. The last reason that makes us the best obstetrics & gynaecology clinics in Bangalore is that we have experts in both operative and diagnostic domains that, include Neonatologists, Sinologists, Geneticists, and Neonatal Surgeons.

These are the reasons that make us the go-to clinic for obstetrics & gynaecology treatment. Book your appointment now!